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GLOBALITE delivers excellent products and services to its customers through effective and supportive management of employees, suppliers, and partners. Providing a quality of work that is unrivalled in fact, quality is the very bedrock of everything we do.


Our business management system is flexible and dynamic and is complied to in all areas of the business. Business objectives and results are monitored and reviewed to ensure organizational congruence with business direction.


The Quality Management System extends to all departments including Sales, Projects, Operations and supporting services of GLOBALITE. Our QMS is overseen by a dedicated Operational Governance Manager.



Quality Management


Quality framework at GLOBALITE is driven by Six Sigma and Customer Operation Performance Center (COPC) methodologies.

Additionally, we observe and regularly audit for our Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level. We closely adhere to these standards in order to achieve optimal business processes that best serve our companies purposes where they apply, and more importantly our customers.

GLOBALITE adopts CMM Level 5 compatible processes and is already in CMM Level 4 stage. GLOBALITE collects various quality metrics in guideline with CMM and enhances the process following a continuous improvement cycle of CMM. Metrics such as defect density, six sigma analyses etc. are done and shared with the development team for better delivery in the future.



Quality Practices and Processes


We adhere to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards: The standards for the ISO 9000 family deal with the following areas:

  • Quality management systems - establishing and monitoring the process whereby product and service quality are maintained.
  • Management responsibility - how the management establishes, maintains, monitors and communicates their commitment to the standards.
  • Resource management - how the business provides the resources - both physical and human - to enable the standards to be met and maintained.
  • Product realization requirements - how businesses establish and monitor quality from concept to final product or service delivery.
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement requirements - how businesses use data to monitor their quality control and how this data is used to improve quality provision.


GLOBALITE quality foundation is built on Total Quality Management (TQM), focusing on activities below:

  • Meeting Customer Requirements
  • Reducing Development Cycle Times
  • Just In Time/Demand Flow Manufacturing
  • Improvement Teams
  • Reducing Product and Service Costs
  • Improving Administrative Systems Training

The steps we have in place to follow a Total Quality Management (TQM) are:

  1. Pursue New Strategic Thinking
  2. Know your Customers
  3. Set True Customer Requirements
  4. Concentrate on Prevention, Not Correction
  5. Reduce Chronic Waste
  6. Pursue a Continuous Improvement Strategy
  7. Use Structured Methodology for Process Improvement
  8. Reduce Variation
  9. Use a Balanced Approach
  10. Apply to All Functions

Key to Quality


GLOBALITE's key to improving quality is to improve processes that define, produce and support our products and services.

Our People:

  • Get processes "in control"
  • Work with other employees and managers to identify process problems and eliminate them

Our Managers and/or Supervisors Work on Processes:

  • Provide training and tool resources
  • Measure and review process performance (metrics)
  • Improve process performance with the help of those who use the process

Our Commitment


Quality has become a way of life - the standards by which the best are separated from the rest. We are committed in our vision to provide quality solutions for all of our clients. To ensure this, we have set up teams that ensure that the quality procedures are followed at each stage.


All our processes and methodologies are in line with the quality expectations (both internal and external).


As we strongly believe in providing quality solutions for our clients, we have undertaken steps for quality certification from external agencies.

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