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Engineering Services

Capability Toolset

Autodesk - AutoCAD v2005/06/07
PTC - Pro/Engineer
Dassault Systemes - CATIA v4/5
Dassault Systemes - SolidWorks
UGS - I-deas
X Steel
HVAC CAD Details Package
Autodesk - Inventor
Bentley - Microstation
CFdesign - v8
ANSYS Applications
MSC Software Applications

At GLOBALITE we are able to follow any location/company/industry specific drafting standards followed for engineering services.

CAD/CAE Support Services - Mechanical Engineering
  1. Product Design
  2. 3D Modeling
  3. 2D Drafting and Detailing
  4. File Translation
  5. Legacy Data Migration/Reverse Engineering
  6. Paper to Digital Conversion
  7. Visualization

1. Product Design:


Our product design process chiefly involves conceptual design and analysis. GLOBALITE has sound technical knowledge, wide industrial experience associated with 3D CAD / CAE tools.


We provide optimally designed, high quality and cost-effective solutions that meet your design requirements.


Re-engineering exercises on existing designs yield improvements in critical and contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.



2. 3D Modeling:


GLOBALITE offers conversion of designs and sketches of products into 3D models using software like X-Steel and HVAC CAD Details Package. This proves hugely beneficial, as it becomes possible to see the physical representation of your concept. This could be for automotive parts, heavy engineering equipment, or consumer durables, with the highest level in intricacy and lowest level of cost.


3D Modeling Services in Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, Inventor and I-DEAS
(part modeling, assembly modeling & tool design)


- 3D solid, parametric modeling in various data formats, surface modeling from 2D hardcopy drawings / sketches / electronic data
- Fully associative detailing
- Exploded view generation from a given assembly
- Conversions from one software version to another
- Convert legacy CAD drawings into 3D solid models Create solid models from wire frame and surface models


3. 2D Drafting and Detailing:

Often used in the designing and drafting process during the production cycle. The process of drawing mechanical parts and assemblies from preliminary design data and sketches can be easily outsourced. Fabrication drawings for steel structures and pressure vessels can also be completed, along with ducting and piping details for boilers and various machinery types. Lathe designing for machinery parts fall into this category as well.


2D Drafting Services in AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer

- Creation of standard parts and equipment for manufacturers (OEMs)

- Component, assembly drawings for the mechanical industry.
- Drafting done as per customer’s hard copy or specific guidelines
- Drawings by X/Y Parameters, according to scale


Detailing (preparation of full manufacturing drawings of Mechanical Engineering Designs according to customer’s specific standards)

- Dimensioning
- GD &T
- Surface Texture Symbols
- Annotations
- Bill of Materials.


4. File Translation:


GLOBALITE offers file translation services supporting multiple file types and formats.


- Conversion of CAD data from one CAD package / file format into IGES, DXF, STEP, STL or other targeted transfer formats specified by the user.
- Solid Modeling Conversion 3D modeling, remodeling, 2D to 3D model construction, 2D detailed drawing, and model checking using Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, Unigraphics.
- Custom Part Library Construction - Constructing new parts or converting existing parts cataloged and ready for streamlined design applications increasing both accuracy and efficiency.
- Rasterization of Hard Copy Prints Scanning existing prints into a rasterized format that can then be easily examined through typical viewers or accessed through most data management system utilities.



5. Legacy Data Migration/Reverse Engineering:


GLOBALITE provides customized legacy data migration services for the manufacturing, automobile and tooling industries, these services include:


- Reverse Engineering from Components (New/Existing) to CAD Models (Using Contact & Non-Contact - Laser Scanning Method)

- Tooling designs for injection molds, progressive dies, pressure die cast dies and stampings.

- Tool path generation and tool building, using Cimatron Software

- Fixture design for checking fixtures and welding fixtures
- CAD Interface Development, customization of the CAD package through the programming interface that it provides to access/modify its parts/assemblies etc.



6. Paper to Digital Conversion:


Your organization may have a large numbers of paper drawings, which are your valuable asset and required to be maintained and retained for the future use. Revision, storage, retrieval, documentation and transportation of paper drawings is cumbersome task requiring expensive resources including valuable space, human resources etc. There is also a high risk of paper drawings getting damaged in various ways over period of time.


Converting paper drawings to CAD presents various benefits as converted drawings:


- Are compatible with your existing CAD systems.
- Require no additional training costs.
- Are easily edited/upgraded.
- Can be shared between multi users and multi locations.
- Are more economical than redrawing them in-house.


GLOBALITE specialize in providing high quality paper to CAD conversions. The conversions are true and complete representations of original drawings with multiple layers, including all line-work, true editable text and accurate dimensions. Drawing conversions can be performed paper, Mylar, blueprints, sketches, films etc. We offer high quality workmanship, fast turnaround times at most competitive rates in the industry.


Our Paper to CAD conversion services can be beneficial to many industries including:


- Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC etc.)
- Facilities and Plant Management
- Manufacturing



7. Visualization:


Design and creation of professional exploded assembly views, complete with bill of materials. Creation of animated movies for the maintenance and assembly process. This helps produce assembly procedures that are visual and easy to follow

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